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Yin & Yang Yoga...?

Yin and Yang Yoga is A Dancing Yogi's Wednesday night special. It is a combination class of restorative and vinyasa style yoga suitable for all levels.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin is the restorative part of the class. Yin poses are held passively for longer, releasing the fascia, the deep connective tissues and joints in the body, with slow movements, that lower heart rate and bring you to a calm inner state.

What is Yang Yoga?

Yang is power yoga, involving fast, higher heart rate movements. It involves poses that develop muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility.

This combination of fluid movement with periods of restoration gives you the balance of fitness and meditation. The class typically involves periods of Yang Yoga poses followed by periods of Yin Yoga. This brings forth a balanced yoga practice.

Yin and Yang come from Taoist concepts that represent the two balancing qualities present in all daily life. Yin is more downward, passive, cooling, and internal. Yang is more upward, dynamic, external, and warming.

Benefits of a regular Yin Yang Yoga practice:

Yin Yoga:

  • improves flexibility

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • works deeply on the connective tissue

  • stimulates the meridians (energy channels) bringing balance to the organs in the body

  • calms and balances the mind and body

  • can prepare you for meditation

Yang Yoga:

  • improves flexibility and circulation

  • calms the mind down by inviting us to synchronize movement with breath

  • strengthens and tones the body

  • increases stamina

  • removes tension and obstacles in the body to allow breath and prana to flow

"The practice of yin/yang yoga helps us learn about stillness in movement and the flow in stillness." -Sarah Powers, author of Insight Yoga

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