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Life Force

In the Netflix Documentary, Stutz, Jonah Hill directs a film about his therapist Phil Stutz, and together they explore Phil’s early life experiences and his unique methods to improve your self-care and mental health. If you haven't seen the film I would highly recommend it as there is some valuable tools to be learned from this amazing therapist! Let's face it... sometimes it is nice to be reminded that we already have these tools available to us.. so next time you find yourself surfing Netflix stop on this documentary, it is well worth your time.

Each method Phil Stutz discusses is proven to be effective, however, I would like to highlight one method in particular which is called your life force. At times you may find yourself stuck searching for a goal or purpose (especially during this time of year) but even when you lack a sense of direction and purpose, your life force is always something you can work on. You don't have to start on January 1st it can be any time because It gives you something to hold onto, and in the process you are improving all aspects of yourself which results in you feeling less lost

in your life.

What is your Life Force?

If you imagine your life force as a pyramid, the bottom level is your relationship with your body, the middle level is your relationship with people, and the top level is your relationship with yourself.

Let's Break it Down!


● This is your relationship with your physical body; the goal is to make your body feel better.

● It includes exercise, diet, and sleeping.

● This level is 85% of what makes you feel better at first.

How does this relate to yoga?

Your yoga practice is a very beneficial form of exercise that will improve many aspects of your physical body including increased flexibility, muscle strength, balance, and cardio and circulatory health. It also helps to improve sleep. This physical level of the life force is a significant portion of what makes you feel better initially because of how the mind and body are connected. When your body feels better, your mental health also improves. The whole philosophy of yoga is to bring harmony to the mind and body as they are connected as one.


● When people get depressed they tend to withdraw and isolate themselves from the other people in their lives.

● You need to be the one to take the initiative and reach out to people to work on those relationships.

When yoga and meditation clears your mind and helps you feel better about yourself, you are more likely to be willing to take that step of reaching out to people. Additionally, showing up to your yoga practice can create a sense of community as all of you have the common goal of making the most out of the time you take for yourselves when you step onto your yoga mats. It is also an environment where you can meet new people and form new relationships.


● Nobody knows what is going on in their unconscious unless it is activated, so get yourself in a relationship with your unconscious mind.

● In order to get in touch with your unconscious, start to write. By simply starting to write in journal form it will reflect your unconscious mind and enhance your relationship with yourself.

Yoga and meditation are connected in the sense that your yoga practice prepares your body for meditation and encourages mindfulness and awareness. Meditation is a great way to observe your own mind and enhance your relationship with yourself. It is not about stopping your thoughts, but instead acknowledging them and letting them go in order to focus on the present moment. While meditating you will be able to see where your mind wanders and get more in touch with yourself.

It could also be helpful to do before journaling because it will help calm your racing, conscious thoughts so it is easier to focus and activate your unconscious mind while you write.

Author: Adrianna Darcangelo

Message from A Dancing Yogi!

I hope this encourages you to step on to your mat to enjoy the much needed benefits that yoga has to offer. Find the time to explore your Life Force and see what you can uncover. Undoubtedly, a healthier version of you. A Special Thank you to Adrianna Darcangelo for putting this information together for us to use and implement into our own lives. Without her support I would not be able to bring this valuable information to those who could use it!

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