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It's a Balancing Act!

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Finding balance doesn't always mean standing on one leg in tree pose trying not to fall (although it could).. It means bringing stability and harmony into your life. It is important to consistently work to find balance so you can learn to live in the moment. Balance is not a destination, but the journey and a way of life. Taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body, and in order to find balance, your mind and body must be in the same place.

While this may seem like a given, most of us do not realize how much energy and time we waste every day because our body and mind are not in harmony with each other. What is the point of taking a break if we are still going to think about our work the whole time? You may be giving your body a break, but are you taking the time to fully reconnect and recharge your mind as well? This is where balance comes in so you can start to be present in the moment and be able to focus while you do work but also be able to enjoy the time you have off. We are constantly told to keep a work/life balance, but in reality, that should be the other way around. While our work and responsibilities are important, life should still come first because work is a part of life. Balance isn’t about splitting your life up into separate parts such as work,

personal, and social, and allocating specific times to each activity. Instead, it is about viewing life as a whole and integrating these separate parts so they can support and feed off of each other.

Here are some ways that you can start to try to bring more balance into your life:

1. View your life as a whole and integrate all of the aspects of life by applying lessons and knowledge throughout them all. This will help your entire life find balance so the separate parts are not constantly competing against each other.

2. Let go of some control. Worrying about finding balance will likely lead to more things falling apart. Instead of hyper focusing on it, just keep moving forward in life. Try to realize that life will not always be stable, but it will always be in motion.

3. Prioritize and set goals for yourself. Learn to say “no” to unnecessary tasks.

4. Connect with your inner thoughts to develop a balanced mindset. While it may be easy to blame others, balance is not external. It is a state of mind in which you can neutralize part of the noise so you can be present and enjoy the moment.

5. Practice journaling. It can be very beneficial to reflect and track how you are spending your time. It is also a way to acknowledge the positive things that happen every day. Also try to turn off or silence digital devices. In this world it feels like life revolves around our screens, but it is important to let your mind rest.

The writer's experience on Finding Balance..

Meet Adrianna Darcangelo- A Dancing Yogi's Blog Writer

My Journey to balance:

I journaled and kept track of how I was using my time for one week and found that during my waking hours most of my time was spent working. And while it may be necessary in order to finish all of my tasks, I realized I didn’t know where the rest of my day was going. If I wasn’t actively working on assignments, I was doing mindless tasks like scrolling on my phone trying not to think about my assignments. It may have seemed like I was taking a break, but I was never giving my mind the time it needed to recharge, and by the end of each day it felt like all I did was waste time. By the end of the week, I was mentally drained and tired, and the week after that, I was even less productive.

I have started to take the time to unplug from my computer and phone and instead read a book or draw, and it has made a difference by giving my mind a break and escape from stressful daily tasks. This is also where my yoga practice comes in because yoga and meditation help me calm my mind and racing thoughts so I can just be present in the time I am taking for myself when I step onto my mat.

A Dancing Yogi Welcome's Adrianna Darcangelo to the team!!! I am super excited to work with Adrianna as she continuous to document her research on and off the mat. Adrianna is committed to bringing valuable information to any one who is interested in starting or expanding their Yoga Practice.

Check out Adrianna's bio here :


Working to Live or Living to Work? STOP wasting your LIFE

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