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Yoga as we Age

Yoga is not just for adults! It has just as many benefits for young children and senior citizens, so any age group can use yoga practices to enhance their lives physically, mentally, and emotionally. Yoga and meditation help clear the mind and bring balance into your life, and that is something all people need regardless of age. It is also a great physical activity that does not necessarily require a lot of special equipment or a gym membership, so it is easily accessible to do at home if you can’talways find the time or means to sign up for a yoga class. Therefore, yoga can be done by any and all ages, it is just about picking the type of yoga that is best for you and your physical abilities.




● learning simple yoga poses and breathing skills helps kids stay calm and handle anxiety

● learn to connect to their emotions and listen to their bodies from a young age

● builds the habit of practicing yoga early in life so that they can pursue this very beneficial activity consistently later in life

● reduces muscle and joint issues later in life

● yoga is not competitive so it does not pressure kids to feel like they must win

● parents and children can bond by doing partner yoga poses together



School and puberty for this age group bring all kinds of anxieties and stresses into teens’ lives. They are also facing a lot of new and changing situations which can lead to uncertainty and self-doubt constantly.

● yoga helps them learn to connect their body and breath to better handle anxiety and stressful situations

● they learn self-acceptance and self-love which is very important for teens as they are developing and learning more about themselves and who they are

● helps with mental health and maintaining a balance in life



No adult has complete control over their life and they have to cope with countless work and family stresses. It is crucial to be able to find a work-life balance, and the people in this age group often have the added responsibility of looking after their child’s safety and education as well.

● finding a balance in life is about accepting the things that are out of our control and learning to live in the moment, and the lessons yoga can teach about balance are crucial for people at this point in their lives

● breathing exercises from yoga and meditation can be applied to daily life to help adults face the reality of situations with a calm, controlled attitude

● helps with mental health, anxiety, and depression which can easily get out of hand when there are so many responsibilities of adult life

● weight loss, maintain/increase flexibility and muscle strength, improve cardio and circulatory health, and more physical benefits


Senior Citizens:

For this age group, muscle mass starts declining as well as an increased potential for other health issues, but yoga and meditation can help with all of this. Age is not a reason to be discouraged from participating in yoga, and seniors are just as capable as anyone else.

● it is especially beneficial for this age group because it helps with immunity and longevity

● you don’t need to participate in an intense physical yoga practice to see benefits…just the act of mindfulness rejuvenates, restores, and strengthens health

● yoga can be modified to be more gentle while still maximizing the benefits, it is completely up to the individual and their abilities when deciding the type and intensity of a practice

● maintain flexibility and reduce muscle and joint pain


Step onto your mat and unfold your potential! I can't wait to see you!


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