Let’s Workout Together!

Join me Tuesday and Thursday morning at 5:30 am and Sunday evening at 7pm for a zoom workout!

Tuesday morning is a vinyasa all level flow that will strengthen as well as increase flexibility. Advanced poses and modified ones are both options in this class..

Thursday morning class is focused more on strengthening.. I’ve called it barre fusion but in reality it is a total body workout with light weights, and resistance props.. the workout is designed to be low impact while focusing on not only the larger muscle groups, but the smaller support muscles as well.

We all need a recovery day so I have added a 7pm Sunday evening practice to the schedule. Yin Yoga is a Restorative practice focused on lengthening and stretching the muscle and fascia. The poses are held for a few minutes each in a restorative way through use of props to allow a soft subtle opening while focusing on the breath and clearing the mind.

All of these options can be found under class schedule at www.adancingyogi.com. The classes are recorded so if you can’t make a live class just let me know and I can send you the video. Hope to see you on your mat soon! xoxo



Check this promo video out!

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