Early Morning Yoga

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Once upon a time.. I woke up early every morning.. either stepped onto my mat and did my own thing or stepped onto my mat to share it with others.. Either way I started early and began my day with something positive. I am ready to go back to that schedule.. so who is with me? Coming soon via zoom.. an early morning yoga class! Let's get together before work starts, before the calls start and the demands begin.. Let's start our day together in a positive way virtually, you don't even have to leave your house! Can't get any more convenient than that!! Create a space in the corner of a room where you can step onto your mat as soon as you step out of bed. I know early mornings can cause anxiety for some but once you stop pressing the snooze I guarantee it will be worth it! If you are interested email me at Michellepearson@adancingyogi.com. I would love to start my day with you!!

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