Don't be intimidated by all those squat pulses... what is Barre Fusion yoga?

Barre Fusion yoga is A Dancing Yogi's Thursday special. It is offered Thursday morning at 5:30 am and at 5:30 pm. It is a combination of barre pilates and yoga fused together into a barre fusion class focused on low impact resistance training.

Barre Fusion Yoga Details:

"Barre class is a workout technique inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, and pilates. It focuses on low impact, high intensity movements designed to strengthen your body in ways that few other workouts can." In addition to strength it helps develop agility and flexibility. Each class has unique choreography that brings something new to every week.

Not sure what this class looks like? Watch this short clip below to get a feel for a barre fusion flow...

Click Below for a free 5 day Intro to Barre Challenge:

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